Sunday, December 19, 2010

WOTD (Website of the Day)

Today's WOTB or Website of the Day is Post Secret.

Post Secret is a project run by Frank Warren. Quite simply, people from around the world send in their secrets (on post cards) to Mr. Warren, who lives in Maryland. Mr. Warren then posts a select group of them on the community website and publishes most of the others in the Post Secret books (there are now five).

Post Secret is really interesting as it brings out a lot of secrets that people would otherwise never reveal. Adding to this is the anonymity of the senders. Without the identities of the postcards' authors, nothing truly personal about the secrets can be revealed. This leaves readers to wonder and speculate if they know the sender or if the secret is related to them.

The secrets have also shed light on a number of social issues, the main one being suicide. Confessions made by post card are almost impossible to trace, and this has led to a number of secrets relating to death, suicide and depression. Though somber, these secrets also led to a lot of good, such as the Suicide Hotline being publicized on the Post Secret website.

All in all, Post Secret is an interesting project and social experiment. What secret would you send in? Have you already sent one?

The Post Secret website is updated every Sunday, and Post Secret books are available at most major book stores and online.

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