Saturday, December 18, 2010

POTD (Podcast of the Day)

I am going to confess that I am a complete nerd.

I like NPR (National Public Radio), and I love their show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

WWDTM is a weekly show that combines quizzes, interviews, poems, comedy and news. It's a great way to get a weekly briefing on what's been going on in the world. There are about 6-7 different segments during each show, and the segments vary from week to week. Among things that change weekly are also the show's panelists, the group of 3 people (usually intellectuals and/or authors/writers) who answer most of the show's questions. Each week the show's guests also change and can range from former government officials (Madeleine Albright) to computer geniuses (Steve Wozniak). Guests are asked onto the show to play the game "Not My Job" during which they answer questions about, well as you would guess, occupations that usually have nothing to do with them.

All in all, WWDTM is fun and slightly geeky, and I always giggle when I'm listening. Not just for intellectuals, or die-hard NPR fans, WWDTM is a show for everyone who likes to keep up with current events.

WWDTM is available through the NPR website, app and as a (FREE!) podcast on iTunes.

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