Saturday, October 30, 2010

Style Book, Post #2

As promised, here's another installment of my style book posts
Image credit: Yesstyle
Gotta love the simple white pumps! They're innocent, cute, and not too high.

Image credit: Yesstyle
Cowboy boots made from PVC. Have to fess up to owning the third pair on the right, but they're horrible quality. Love the design, so I'm looking for something similar still, but absolutely horrible quality.

Image credit: Nine West
Love these heels. They're simple and elegant, with just a bit of sophisticated detailing.

Image credit: Nine West
Almost bought these online, but I resisted. I'd love to wear them with a pair of dark wash jeans though. They give off the casual vibe, but the height of the heel lets everyone know that you're not to be messed with.

Image credit: Yumeko at (Check her out!)
Yumeko posted this adorable bag she got a while ago. Love the pattern (maybe not the bear, since it is a little creepy) and the detailing on the straps. Plus the pockets on the side seem like perfect hiding places for a phone and a pack of gum.

Image credit: Yesstyle
Have to own up to buying these as well, but in a dark gold. Haven't decided if I want to keep them or give them away as a present. But they are cute metallic pumps that would put a little oomph into any outfit.

Image credit: Cure Thrift Shop at (Check them out!)
I love shopping at Cure! You never know what you'll find there. (Say, a Uniqlo sweater for $4? Or maybe a brand new BCBG dress for under $20? Or even a stylish wool skirt for $4?) I also love the outfits they put together for their mannequins and subsequently post on their Tumblr (which you should follow for updates and sales, they ship items, too!). I love the frills in the first picture, since they're so feminine and cute. But I have to say I really like the blazer and wrap dress in the second, since they just scream put-together, and the necklace really ties it all in.

Image credit: N/A, can't remember where I saved this picture from, unfortunately.
This is one of those dresses that I love, but could never pull off. I just don't have the body type for it (my shoulders are wide). But the lace details are amazing, and the layers of ruffles just add to it.

Image credit: chubee @
Not exactly in line with everything else I just posted, but what can I say? I'm a girl with varying tastes. Love the simple t-shirt and jeans combo, plus the kick-ass sneakers. The flannel shirt he's carrying just completes it, since it's along the same color scheme as the shoes. And the LV passport case and bag bring the whole outfit up a notch. Nice job, Jaejoong.

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