Saturday, September 18, 2010

Style Book, Post #1

So, here's a little secret I bet none of you knew: I keep a style book.

What is this style book? A collection of pictures and articles of things that inspire me or fit my personal style. So far, it includes things on fashion, beauty, architecture, interior design.

But, it doesn't physically exist yet. Right now, it's sitting in my Google Docs, waiting to be printed, cut and paste into something resembling a scrapbook.

Even though it doesn't exist yet, I figured I'd share some pictures from it today. And maybe even make this into a type of post I do.

Without further ado, here are some of my inspirations:
Can't remember where I saved this from, but I love the flower detailing and the closing on this bag. Plus, it's black so it matches with everything. Downside: Silver accents, not exactly as universal as black, but pretty close.
Again, can't remember where this was saved from, but I think it's an Alexander Wang dress? Simple, yet elegant.
Jimmy Choo gladiator heel! Oh how I love you! Bold and red, they make a statement. Not unlike the Michael Kors gold gladiator heels I have.