Sunday, July 18, 2010


Welcome to Today in a Bottle, a blog dedicated to well, everything.

Here you'll see daily posts of my OOTD (outfit of the day), FOTD (face of the day), EOTD (eye of the day), NOTD (nail of the day), SSOTD (shoes and socks of the day), POTD (product of the day), MOTD (music of the day), BOTD (book of the day), and more. I'll mostly be focusing on fashion, beauty and style, but I may venture into other categories.

Happy clicking! :]

08/01/2010 Note: Today in a Bottle is officially up!

08/13/2010 Note: To better organize posts, each post will be labeled with what it contains (i.e. OOTD, FOTD), any brands mentioned (i.e. Forever21, Hollister, DKNY, Uniqlo), and any colors mentioned. The label "Taiwan" will be for all of my brand-less clothing purchased in Taiwan.